Let’s Wrap: June


June has been such a hectic month for me. I officially finished university, got my degree results (2:1!!!) and moved out of my student house. I’m now sat at home wondering what on earth is next. And admiring that adorable photo I got of my boyfriend’s notoriously camera-shy dog.

However, it’s also been a good month for my blog! It’s slowly growing, so thank you to everyone that’s followed, and I’m really enjoying running it. I have about 100 followers overall now if you combine my WordPress, e-mail and Bloglovin followers so thanks again! Now, without further ado, here’s my June wrap-up.

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This Month’s Posts

I’ve had a few problems with Bloglovin not displaying my posts recently so, if you’ve missed any, you can catch up here!

Favourite Novels This Month

Least Favourite Novels This Month


Coming Up

I bought a fair few books this month so look out for reviews of books such as: The Girls by Emma Cline, Nightfall by Jane Halpern & Peter Kujawinski, The Next Together by Lauren James, Illuminae by Jamie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff and Nod by Adrian Barnesjust to name a few.

I also have a guest post coming soon where I’ll be reviewing Golden Son, the second novel in the Red Rising series, over on Ellie Maloney’s blog. Like I’ve said before, I’ll post a link to it here when it’s up!

And lastly, I’ll hopefully be posting more discussions on books and writing, so look out for those.

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Are there any novels in my TBR you’d like me to review first? And how has June treated you? Let me know in the comments below! 

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16 thoughts on “Let’s Wrap: June

  1. I hope you read Illuminae soon! I love it. 😀 I’ll be checking out your review for Daughter of Deep Silence. I’ve heard really mixed things about it and i have no idea if it is for me. Congratulations at finishing university!


    • Hopefully should be reading it in 3 books time! I have an order set out haha but I’m very excited to read it! And thank you! I’ll check out your comment on the review in a sec haha!


    • Thank you! And yeah probably a good idea to skip it tbf, rather than have it dampen your opinion of her writing. Hopefully her future novels will be more like her previous stuff and Daughter of Deep Silence was just a blip.


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