The Sunday Post #4


The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted at The Caffeinated Book Reviewer in which book bloggers recap their week and look at what’s to come.

My Weekly Recap

It’s been another busy week so my blog has suffered, but my life as a university student is officially OVER; this week was the final week of term. I went to my last house party (which was a total let down, but hey, probably the last house party I’ll ever attend, and I’ve never really liked them anyway, too much awkward dancing in living rooms) and my final night out at my university’s Students Union, where I almost drowned in foam and UV Paint.

13407191_10208749914480854_6314732496861424436_n(Photo taken not long before my life flashed before my eyes)

In terms of blog posts, I’ve only had time for two:

Coming Up

I will finally get round to reviewing X-Men Apocalypse, I promise.

I also have a post planned for book-to-screen adaptations that actually work, including the obvious choice of Game of Thrones.

And, as long as I manage to finish it (it’s a big book), there’ll be a review of David Mitchell’s The Bone Clocks. I’m really, really, really enjoying it so far. It’s maybe not quite as good as Ghostwritten or Cloud Atlas, but it’s still an amazingly well-written novel.

After I’ve finished The Bone Clocks, I’ll get started on YA mystery Daughter of Deep Silence.

And Finally

I’m really liking Zara Larsson right now, especially her collaboration with Tinie Tempah. If you’re not British, you’re probably very confused as to who Tinie Tempah is. Granted, I’m more of an alt-rock/indie kinda girl myself, but this song is extremely catchy, so just give this tune a listen and enjoy:

Caitlin (1)


18 thoughts on “The Sunday Post #4

  1. Book to movie comparisons are fun, and your post on apocalyptic sci fi has me curious now about the Southern Reach books. I’ll have to check those out.

    Have a great reading week!


  2. Which part of the Bone Clocks are you reading right now? I’m so excited for you to finish it. My BFF read it but the most she likes to say about a book is “yeah, I liked it.” 😉 I’ve been wanting to reread through all of David Mitchell’s work but I might make that a 2017 project now. Do you have Slade House? (sorry, Caitlin. I’m excitable when it comes to David Mitchell…)

    Oh goodness, house parties. The party’s always in the kitchen. But I think I’ve suffered through my last house party too. I guess we’re pretty lucky 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • Just about to start “An Horologists Labyrinth”! I’m excited to see things come to a head with the Anchorites! I’ve been enjoying this book a lot. My mum has read Slade House and really enjoyed it, I’ll have to borrow it off her, think it’s a little different to his usual stuff. I’m glad to meet someone who gets just as excited about David Mitchell as me! Haha!
      Definitely lucky that house parties are over now, I’m so ready for just a nice pub or bar, not a grubby student house!


  3. Hi, Caitlin–and YAY for school being done for you, at least for now! Though the almost-drowning thing doesn’t sound very good! Glad you’re still breathing. 😉

    The bad thing about me and finding books I want to read is…I tend to forget about books I added to my “want to read” list AGES ago. So when I see said books mentioned on other blogs, I get weirdly guilty about having not picked them up yet. This is basically a very awkward way to thank you for reminding me that Daughter of Deep Silence exists! XD

    Here’s hoping next week is just as great for you, both reading-wise AND in real life! Happy book-ing to you…and feel free to check out my Sunday Post if you’d like! (there’s a poll going on for my next read–feel free to join in and vote!)


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