The Sunday Post #3


The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted at The Caffeinated Book Reviewer in which book bloggers recap their week and look at what’s to come.

My Weekly Recap

Posts this week:

I’ve had a pretty good week for books! But I’m also kinda sad about that because I packed up all my books, including some I haven’t read yet, and sent them back home so moving out from my student house later this month will be a little easier, leaving myself with only five books in my TBR. I’d expected I’d be super busy and five books would last me until the end of June. God was I wrong. I’m on book 4/5 of that pile currently. I suppose I’m gonna have to buy new books with all the money I don’t have…

In terms of my personal life, I went to my university’s Summer Ball!

Summer Ball

Can you tell I was cold?

Best part of the night was eating a really amazing hot dog, hands down. It’s sad to think that my uni days are over. I’ve really enjoyed my time at Royal Holloway, but I’m glad that my years of education are over! No more essays ever again.

Coming Up

A review of Half Way Home by Hugh Howey. I’m already over a 100 pages in and enjoying it, although I think it’s going a little too quickly for my liking. More explanations and characterisation please! I loved Howey’s Silo Saga so hopefully this book will improve as I keep going.

Also, a review of The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell, who is one of my favourite authors.

And last but not least, a review of X-Men: Apocalypse, which I saw a couple of days ago. I really enjoyed it, but I don’t think it was as good as some of the previous X-Men films.


And Finally

As seems to be tradition now, here’s a link to some music I’m enjoying on Spotify. Raleigh Ritchie (real name Jacob Anderson, who plays Greyworm on Game of Thrones) has a Spotify playlist he regularly updates which is great for finding new music, and Raleigh Ritchie’s music is really good too! My favourite song of his is ‘Stronger Than Ever’. Check it out.

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10 thoughts on “The Sunday Post #3

  1. Looks like you had a pretty awesome week! I’ve yet to read a Hugh Howey book…but I need to! I’m always super intrigued by the blurbs, and his covers are always SO gorgeous! I have read The Bone Clocks, and really enjoyed it!

    Here’s a link to my Sunday Post, if you want to check it out! Have a great week, and happy book-ing to you!


  2. Nice review of Red Rising, and I’ve heard the Silo books are good too. I’m curious to see what you thought of X-Men as I haven’t seen that and I’ve seen both good and bad reviews.


    • Thank you! Definitely check out the Silo Saga if you can, it’s a really good series. I heard good and bad things about it too but I did enjoy it, although there was definitely room for improvement.


    • It sounds strange but I’ve always had an aversion to the library since I was a little kid! I think I checked out a book that was in a really gross condition and obviously traumatised little me so I can’t bring myself to go to a library, I like to have my own copy. I sound so snobbish haha! But I do sometimes order cheap second hand copies off amazon.


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