Hello Again!

So, as some of you may have noticed (or rather, probably not noticed), I’ve been absent for a couple of months now. I mentioned before that I managed to bag my first graduate job after I graduated university last summer, and that’s what has led to my disappearance. Basically, I’ve just been way too busy settling into working life.

As a result, I’ve only just finished reading The Memory BookΒ by Lara Avery. Yep, it took me over a month to finish this book. That’s inconceivable for me. A book will usually take me two weeks tops, and that’s for a big hefty book. I’ve been struggling to find the work-life balance, or rather, the work-read balance.

But, I finished it, and I hope to keep updating this blog with my reviews as I get through my TBR. I don’t entirely foresee myself finding the time soon to write any other kind of bookish posts, so I’ll be sticking to sporadic reviews. I’ll also probably still be pretty absent in the community, but I will try and like and comment on posts when I can.

Thanks for sticking around (if you have) and thank you to my new followers! I missed my 1 year blog anniversary recently, but I’d still like to say thank you to everyone who kept up with my blog last year!

Now, onto writing my next review…



4 thoughts on “Hello Again!

  1. Ahh, Caitlin! It’s good to see a post from you! I missed you and your blog β™₯β™₯ It’s definitely understandable that sometimes life gets in the way or that you need to take a step back. I look forward to seeing some of your future reviews 😊

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    • Aww thank you! I’ve missed keeping up with your blog too, I will definitely have to catch up on your posts soon 😊 thanks for understanding though, stepping back has definitely helped a bit and I’m now finding more time to read again 😊


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