Another Little Update (But a Happy One This Time)

Whilst the last update I did back in November was a sad one, this one is much happier!

But you’re probably thinking, who’s this person? I’ve been behind on my blogging and I’ve really struggled to find time to blog-hop, and that’s likely to continue for a little while.

However, there’s a good reason why… I have a job! And not just any job, but my first proper full time job after graduating from university last summer.

It feels so good to have my foot in the door now and I really wanted this position. As a result, fromย Monday I’m probably going to be absent for a week or so, although I’ll try and comment on posts when I can. So if you don’t hear from me, I haven’t given up blogging or fallen into the abyss, I’m just immersed in my new job and trying to find that work/life balance. Oh, and car hunting.

I’ll see you all in a week or two, hopefully with my review ofย Morning Star!



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