The Sunday Post #17


The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted at The Caffeinated Book Reviewer in which book bloggers recap their week and look at what’s to come.


I’ve missed a few Sunday Posts recently but I’m back to update you all! I’ve been working and sorting out my life, looking at what I want to do career-wise. Of course, I want to be a published author someday, and I’m getting closer to finishing my book with only ten chapters left to go! (And then the inevitable editing). However, I need to do something in the mean time in case I never manage to get published, so I’m thinking of training to be a secondary school English teacher. I’ll just have to see how it goes.

However, I did discover recently that I am one of the shortlisted authors for the HG Wells Short Story Competition in the 21 and under category which is so amazing! My story will be published and I’ll be finding out who won at an awards ceremony in November. Even if I don’t win, I’ll still be over the moon that I’ve been shortlisted. I haven’t had anything published or won any writing competitions since I was 16 and it’s just so great to get back into it and for my work to still be doing well!

Anyway, enough about me. Here are the posts from this week:


This week, I finished Six of Crows and I adored it, especially Nina, one of my favourite characters I’ve come across in a while, and the Peaky Blinders feel to Kaz and the criminal underworld.

Now I’m onto my books for the Halloween Read-A-Thon and I just started I Am Legend today. I’m really enjoying it so far. It’s quite different from the film, but I expected that. There’s something more sinister about the zombie-ish vampires in the book, which I didn’t quite think was possible.

After that, I’m onto my second book of the Halloween Read-A-Thon, which is YA psychological horror The Dead House. I’ve heard mostly good things about it so fingers crossed!

In terms of my blog, I’m having a bit of writers block with my posts, I think because I’ve just been worrying about my career path. Hopefully I’ll be able to overcome that soon so bear with me!


This week, one of my favourite bands Kings of Leon released their 7th album and I’m loving it. They’ve definitely gone back to their roots here, which is great because I really love their earlier stuff before they got big, especially Because of the Times. However, they still have that polished, anthemic quality of their later work, so there’s something for everyone here in WALLS. The main single ‘Waste A Moment’ is of course great, but I’m really loving songs like ‘Find Me’, ‘Over’, ‘Eyes On You’ and ‘Wild’. Basically, I just love the whole album. Check it out below:



15 thoughts on “The Sunday Post #17

  1. I understand 100% about stressing over your career path. I’m just about to finish university and I still have no idea what I really want to do. Of course, I want to be a published author someday too, but I don’t see that happening very soon. I plan on working at my retail job until I find something else, but the stress of trying to figure out a more long-term path is definitely getting to me.
    Good luck with finishing your novel, and congratulations on being shortlisted. That is an incredible accomplishment! 🙂

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    • It sucks that you’re in the same boat as me but it’s also nice to hear neither of us is alone in this situation haha. I only graduated from uni this summer and it seems like everyone else has their life in order and their career decided, when in reality I think everyone is just as confused, except people who want to be doctors etc. I at least realised I wanted a job helping people in some way so that narrowed my search. I’m sure we’ll both work it all out in the end, this time is difficult for everyone, but hopefully we’ll become published authors too haha! And thank you so much! 🙂

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  2. Congratulation son being shortlisted! That’s awesome and must be a great feeling. Good luck with the competition. And best of luck with your novel and your career deliberations as well.

    Six of Crows is getting so much love I’m thinking of trying that series…


    • Aww thank you! Haha I will! It’s being printed in an anthology, not sure if it’ll be available online, I don’t want to force people to spend money on me haha but thank you, it means a lot. 🙂


  3. Congratulations for being shortlisted! I do understand your confusion for career path, and while it’s stressful someone told me that it’s normal? Even people that got everything planned out will doubt everything at one point or another. I hope everything will go well for you ❤


    • Thank you! Yeah that’s what some people have been telling me too, I think it’s stressful for everyone at this stage trying to work out your life even if you know what you want to do! Thanks again!


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