The Willoughby Book Club Unboxing #3


The final package in my three month The Willoughby Book Club subscription arrived yesterday. And let me just say, this last book definitely didn’t disappoint. The people behind The Willoughby Book Club have made great choices the last two months (you can find the posts here and here) and I’ve been really pleased.

So, what did I get this month? It was A Lovely Way To Burn by Louise Welsh.


It’s an apocalyptic/dystopian novel with a murder mystery to boot. Set in a London ravaged by a deadly virus, one woman believes that it wasn’t the virus that killed her husband, but that someone murdered him instead. I think it sounds like a great idea, weaving my favourite genre with crime, and I’m excited to read it.

If you want to check out The Willoughby Book Club, you can find them here. I really do recommend them. They have so many different subscriptions and are great at tailoring books to your preferences. That way, you know you’re going to get a book you’ll like. Also, if they happen to send you a book you already have (which only happens to 1% of customers), they’ll send you a replacement completely free and let you keep the duplicate book so you can give it to a friend.

They’re UK based with free shipping, but do ship elsewhere for a fee. I also think they’re great value for money and really know their stuff when it comes to books! It’s an excellent way of finding new books and authors that you may have overlooked or never heard of.


Do you subscribe to The Willoughby Book Club or any other book subscription boxes? Have you read A Lovely Way To Burn? Want to read it? Let me know in the comments below!



3 thoughts on “The Willoughby Book Club Unboxing #3

  1. Nice that they offer free shipping! No bookbox in US does that, as far as I know anyways. I did subscribe to Owlcrate and Uppercase boxes. I only subscribe to Uppercase, but only because Owlcrate expired and I never got around to renewing it *adds that to my to-dos for the day*. I love Owlcrate because it seems you get so many other cool booknerd items in the box.
    I haven’t read A Lovely Way to Burn, but I hope you enjoy it. It sounds good!


    • Yeah I think it’s great the shipping is free, the worst thing is when you go to order something and the shipping is extortionate! I’d love to subscribe to Owlcrate, it looks so good! All the extra stuff it comes with seems so cool and unique. Thank you, hopefully it’s good!


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