The Willoughby Book Club Unboxing


As a birthday present, my sister signed me up for 3 months of The Willoughby Book Club subscription service!

My Mum is already a subscriber and she’s always had good picks from them, so I was excited to try it myself.


The books are always lovingly wrapped and often come with freebies, or the book will be a signed copy. This month, I got a bookmark, a ‘Bookworm’ sticker and a ‘Bookworm’ badge.

They have a range of subscriptions, from Children’s to Young Adult to Contemporary. I got the ‘Bespoke’ subscription where you choose your top 3 genres and describe your preferences. They also have a ‘Couples’ subscription where they send you two copies of the same book so you and your partner (or best friend) can read together, which I think is really cute.

Untitled.pngUnfortunately, this month I already have the book they sent me, Red Rising by Pierce Brown. It’s an excellent pick, however, as I adore this series, and you can check out my reviews of Red Rising and Golden Son here and here.

But, if you already have the book they sent you (they say on their website that only 1% of subscribers receive a book they already have) they’ll send a replacement! You can also keep the copy they sent you so you can pass it onto someone else. I’m gonna force my boyfriend to read it.

I’m excited to see what replacement I get and, fingers crossed, it’s not something I already have! If you want to avoid duplicates, you can subscribe to their ‘spoiler service’ where they’ll tell you what book they’re sending each month.

Shipping is FREE for the UK. They do ship abroad, but of course there are shipping costs.

If you’d like to sign up to The Willoughby Book Club, you can find them here. They also have 10% off at the moment so hurry if you want to subscribe!

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Are you a Willoughby Book Club subscriber? Do you subscribe to any other book subscription services, UK or abroad? Let me know in the comments below!



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