Exciting News: I’m Attending YALC! Are You?


I’m attending this year’s Young Adult Literature Convention 2016!

This will be my first time at a book convention/expo/festival, whatever you wanna call it, and I’m extremely excited. Loads of authors I like are attending and there are some great talks and workshops happening that I’m eager to see.

My Dad has kindly paid for a ticket to all three days so I can make the most of all the events. However, I’m going alone, which I don’t particularly mind as the schedule I’m working out for myself is looking pretty jam-packed, and I’m not about to drag my boyfriend along to a book convention. But this does give me a great opportunity to meet some of you guys if you’re attending!

So, if you’re going all three days like me, or just one, it’d be lovely to meet some of you there, especially as I’m relatively new to blogging so I haven’t had a chance to meet any bloggers in real life just yet.

Or, if you have any handy tips for things such as scheduling etc, then please impart your wisdom upon me! I’d be grateful for any hints you have.

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Are you going to YALC? Want to go? Been previously? Let me know in the comments!

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7 thoughts on “Exciting News: I’m Attending YALC! Are You?

  1. I would’ve loved to go! It’s I think one of the few major book conventions in the UK but unfortunately I won’t be here :'(. Hope you have fun though!!


    • Yeah it’s certainly the biggest YA book convention in the UK! We don’t have a lot of conventions here like they do in the US which is annoying but then we do have the literary festivals! Need to go to one of them some time. Sorry to hear you can’t go! 😦 Always next year though 🙂 and thank you!

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      • I’ve never heard of the literary festivals. The only convention I know is YALC, I will definitely try my best to go next year!! No worries 😊


      • Things like the Hay-on-Wye literary festival are very popular, and there’s one at Cheltenham too! They’re basically just outdoor, cutesy, very-British book conventions haha but lots of authors attend, including YA authors. Hope you manage to go YALC next year! 😊

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