The Sunday Post #1


The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted at The Caffeinated Book Reviewer in which book bloggers recap their week and look at what’s to come.

My Weekly Recap

I only posted once this week, which was a little list I compiled of my favourite things to do in New York. I didn’t even find time to do any reading while I was across the pond, I was so busy (let alone any of my essays).

At the moment, I’m halfway through Dark Tides by Chris Ewan. It’s an interesting crime thriller, but maybe not as gripping as I’d have hoped. However, it got good reviews overall, so I’m persevering.

I’m also writing one of my final third year essays and it’s allowed me to revisit one of my favourite novels of the past year, Carson McCullers’ The Member of the Wedding. 51ddsq2bzrnl-_sx325_bo1204203200_ If you’re looking for a new classic to read, I really recommend this novel. Witty and a little unsettling, it tells the story of a twelve-year old girl named Frankie Addams, who’s having a bit of an identity crisis. Yet when she learns of her brother’s upcoming wedding, she becomes infatuated with joining them, and over a few days McCullers lets us into the life of this complex, fragile tomboy.

Coming Up

I’m hoping to get started on another YA book, but I’m torn between Throne of Glass, Rot and Ruin, and Our Endless Numbered Days.IMG_0433

Have a suggestion about which I should read first? Let me know in the comments!

And Finally

If you need some music to help you focus on creative writing or essays, this playlist has been a big help to me:

Happy Sunday and enjoy!

Caitlin (1)


3 thoughts on “The Sunday Post #1

  1. Welcome to the Sunday Post! Nice article on NYC, haven’t been there yet but one of these days! 🙂 Hope the new reads are good, I know Throne of Glass is very popular.

    Have a great week. 🙂

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