Monday Musts

Monday Musts

Monday Musts is a meme hosted by Lovin’ Los Libros where you showcase your Must Read’s, your Must Listen’s and your Must See’s.

I’m still trudging through The Silence by Tim Lebbon. I really wanted to like this book as I haven’t read any horror in a while, but it’s falling a little flat for me. When I can force myself to read the last few chapters, I’ll post a review.

So, let’s get started.

Must Read


If you haven’t seen the Osiris trilogy by E.J. Swift and need a good dystopian novel in your life, look no further. One thing I really loved about this series was the world-building. It’s really unique, full of mystery and superstition, and not centred around America. (Is the USA the only place that has the potential to survive an apocalypse?). It’s not a YA, but there is romance, so anyone looking for a couple of star-crossed lovers is in luck. I really enjoyed the series and the cast of characters. I’m excited to see what E.J. Swift produces in the future.

Must Listen

Right now, I’m really enjoying listening to Bear’s Den whilst I write my essays. They’re chilled out and a little folky. If you need some relaxing yet emotional writing music, they’re your guys.

Must See


I am beyond excited for Captain America: Civil War. I loved the first two films and I actually think Captain America: Winter Soldier is so far the best film in the Marvel franchise. I remember seeing it at the cinema with my friend and we kept raising our eyebrows at each other because the film was unbelievably tense; you had no idea which side people were on. I’m definitely #TeamCap over here so bring on the third installment (and Bucky Barnes).

Page Break

What books, songs and films are a must for you this Monday? Let me know in the comments!

Caitlin (1)


9 thoughts on “Monday Musts

  1. Caitlin. I think we may be music soulmates. I LOVE Bear’s Den! I got to see them last year at a music festival here in TN and they rocked! Agape is my favorite of theirs! I’ve never heard of Osiris, but I am definitely adding to my TBR. It’s been awhile since I’ve read dystopian!

    I never was able to get into the Captain America movies, but I hope you’ll love this one!


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